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Roamming - Pinga-Fogo - 04-10-2015 01:26 AM


A good feature for large users is the possibility to roam of one base to another like the gigaset N700 or AAstra RFP35.


RE: Roamming - Yealink_Peter - 04-10-2015 02:28 AM


There is an option called "Bestbase" which used to search the base station that has the best signal strength. When in common range covered by both bases, handset will automatically connect to the one with better signal strength. Below picture will guide you to find the Bestbase option in handset:
For example:
Extension 101 registered in base1 and assign to the handset, Extension 102 registered in base2 and assign to the same handset.
When you select the Bestbase option, and walking from base1 covered range to base2 covered range, handset will automatically connect to base2 and switch extension from 101 to 102.
If you in the area that both bases covered, it will select the better signal strength one to connect.
But if you are talking in base1 area, and walking to base2 area, it will not keep the call on talking, the call will hang up first(since too weak signal with base1), then re-connect to base2 by itself.
Does N700 or RFP35 can roam of two bases and still keep the call on talking?

Thank you!

RE: Roamming - CompLogic - 09-01-2015 03:35 AM

The Yealink BestBase option has not worked well for any of my clients up to this point.
The seem to stick with the currently registered base station until the signal drops to almost nothing before they will swap over to the base 2 feet from them.

The Uniden Honeycomb EXP1240B (base) and EXP1240H (handset) can transparently roam between base stations without loosing the call
6 phones and two base stations have worked flawlessly for one client. They are a bit more expensive, but I didn't loose the client over it.