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T32 compact_header_enable - kg4ysy - 04-08-2015 12:13 AM

Do T3x phones support account.x.compact_header_enable? It seems to be a valid setting for the other models, but on my T32, it rejects this setting.

I would like to use compact headers, but it doesn't look like the T32 supports it.

#Enable or disable the phone to support the simplified SIP header; 0-Disabled (default), 1-Enabled;
account.1.compact_header_enable =

RE: T32 compact_header_enable - Elaine_Yealink - 04-08-2015 07:23 PM


This parameter is supported on T32G. But test on my side seems negative. I will have a test again and double check with our engineer, then come back to you.

Thanks in advance for your waiting.


RE: T32 compact_header_enable - kg4ysy - 04-08-2015 07:32 PM

Thanks for the response. This is what I get in my logs when my phone provisions. I, like you, can confirm that the headers are not compact in the SIP messaging.

256348 Apr 7 16:25:56 autop[411]: [./src/autoParser.cpp :1467 ] WAR Not found item account.1.compact_header_enable

I am running