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use 2 base for big dect coverage? - mannebk - 03-28-2015 10:42 PM

Hi is there a way to use 2 bases for coverage of a big area?

Ive got the problem that the area is too far apart for the use of repeaters, but we got several good WiFi links and also we got DSL uplinks on both locations, so I have up to 1GBit of ethernet link between both locations and could manage a SIP-VLAN to get the SIP through at all cost :-)

maybe if i register the same handset to both bases, i just can switch buildings with the handset and still be able to phone and be reachable on the same extention?

dont need to work in between. but would be nice if it would work switching bases, then i could dump the repeaters in favor of a fiew more bases.

We think of replacing all the Gigaset phones with Yealink, since the gigaset support and productquality, especially the DX800A but also some of the DECT Handsets is just trash, nothing else.



RE: use 2 base for big dect coverage? - Flora_Yealink - 03-30-2015 11:27 PM

Hello manne,
In your scenario , maybe you can try to use the bestbase feature, the handset register to two bases , and register the same account on these two bases ,assign the account to the handset.

below is the details :

1. Register the handset to these two bases. For example base1 locates in the floor 1 and the base 2 locates in floor2.

2. Select the option of Bestbase on the handset follow the path: Settings-Registration-Select Base

3. Handset will search for the base stations and select the best signal strength base to connect.

4. When placing an outgoing call from floor 1 and walking to floor 2, it will keep connection with floor 1 base until the signal is too weak to support this call online, then this call will hung up and the handset will connect to another base which with better signal strength automatically.
For example:
Supposed Extension 101 registered in floor 1 base1, Extension 101 registered in floor 2 base2.

101 and 102 all assigned to this handset.
When placing a call from extension 101 and walking from base1 covered range to base2 covered range, this call will hang up first, then connect to base2 automatically .

Would you please test and let us know if it can meet your requirment ?
Best Regards!

RE: use 2 base for big dect coverage? - mannebk - 04-24-2015 06:19 PM

Thanks for your suggestions.

Today my 3 W52P droped in from my dealer. A bit late, but ala, thats way of life. The T48G did show up last friday.

Now lets see if the DECT Phones also are up to the chanlange of every day hard use in business enviroment.

Well see, I test your suggestions, and be back.


Oh, and BTW, 10 Post a day is a bit low, dont you think so people? Oh and WTF, it says wait till to morrow, so it just switched from 23:59 to 00:00 and 00:01 but still, no posting :-(

RE: use 2 base for big dect coverage? - Flora_Yealink - 04-29-2015 05:29 AM

Hi Manne,
Thanks´╝îplease let me know if any question .
and now , yes, user only can post 10 posts a day, I will check the engineer to see if we can remove the limitation .
Best Regards!