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T48G - Bugs or "Features"? - dabert - 11-02-2016 12:03 PM

After successfully installing my new T48G onto a Fritzbox 7490 (most widely used router here in Germany), I have the following observations, which I suggest to be addressed by the Yealink Team:

1) Firmware - unusable due to the MWI flashing when screen powers off bug (as reported previously here) - used instead.

2) Speaker "toggle" button - during a call using the handset, toggling the Speaker button (to transfer the call to the speaker) does nothing. The only way to Transfer the call from the handset to the Speaker is to first engage the Headset button and then the Speaker button to get the call onto the Speaker. Is this the desired behaviour or can it be addressed in a future Firmware? A direct transfer from handset to speaker sure works with any other Speaker phone I know so a Change here would be certainly helpful and appreciated.

3) Line 1 is Setup using the first SIP account in the Fritzbox, mandatory user Name from the Fritzbox is "620". Unfortunately, the Fritzbox Voicemail number for the corresponding voicemalbox is **600.
In order to receive MWI indications, I have to add "620" or "620@Fritzbox" in the "voice_mail.number.X field" (**600 does not give me MWI indications). This then precludes me from using the Message button or the pop-up box to listen to my Voicemails as the T48G then dials 620 when used in this case which results in an Abort, even when the MWI is flashing (as it is the number already in use at that time).
Workaround is to add a DSS button dialing **600 to check the voicemails.
It would be very much appreciated, if there where 2 number fields available - one for the MWI indication and another for the Mailbox number.
In all cases where the MWI/mailbox number is the same, the user would simply have to enter the same number twice during setup. But for those who have a Fritzbox or a router with similar behaviour, we could then use ALL T48G Voicemail Features as designed.

Any comments or Feedback would be appreciated!

RE: T48G - Bugs or "Features"? - Karl_Yealink - 11-11-2016 10:47 PM

1) In the power-saving mode, the power indicator LED will flash red every 5 seconds to indicate that the IP phone is in the power saving mode.

2) I test in my side, the phone work well. Can you try to reset the phone then test again, you can press OK button about 10 sec to reset the phone. How about V80 version? Do you test the V80 version?
How many phones do you have? All of them have this problem?

3) The subscribe message don't relate to voice mail number. It related to the register account.
Please just fill **600 as voice mail number to test.
Normally, the phone will send subscribe message with register account info to server, it's don't related to voice mail number.
So you don't need to fill 620 or 620@Fritzbox as voice mail number.