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T23G and CTI Mode on 3CX - studio11 - 03-20-2015 08:07 PM

I have an issue with the Yealink T23G and CTI Mode on 3cx Softphone,

The IP Phones are Provisioned by 3cx
(but appears a PHONE PROVISIONING PROBLEM in Phones tab of 3CX admin, and I have upgraded the phones to latest avaiable firmware)

When i try to make a call to a phone number stored in the 3CX-Phone address book , the T23G rings in MAKECALL mode and doesn't ask for the Remote Control. (Control that Works like a charm with the Yealink T21P and T22P phones)

The IP Phones have the stock Firmware and the 3CX "Firmware Upgrade" feature is disabled on that phones.

Yealink is about to release a new firmare for t23G??
Are there other solutions?
thanks in advance

RE: T23G and CTI Mode on 3CX - Flora_Yealink - 03-20-2015 09:52 PM

Hello ,
Do you mean the scenario is like below,
T23 G with version
configure Action URI allow IP List with the IP address of the PC which has set up the CTI.
and want to make a call to another phone B ,when click the number in the CTI, The 23 will dial out the number of B directly but didn't ask for the " Warning , Allow for remote control?" while T21 and T22 will prompt the box .

right ?

The box will only prompt the first time, if you have pressed the ok button to allow the remote control once, the phone won't prompt the box when you using the CTI to make call again .
Unless you changed the IP address in the Action URI allow IP List .

would you please check and let us know the details?
Best Regards!