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action url - Henri Elspass - 04-17-2013 09:37 PM


we are facing following difficulty :

we are not able to display a text on the phone's screen
when receiving a call.

the aim is , if an incoming call occurs, to search a name corrsponding to caller number, and to display it on the screen

handling the incoming data is Ok
finding back the name in our database too
but what is the command to send a string to be displayed on phone's screen ?

Thanks for help

RE: action url - Yealink Support - 04-18-2013 03:52 PM

Hi Henri,
You want to display the caller ID on the phone, right?
1. If this incoming number is in your local phonebook, it will display;
If it's in your remote phonebook, you can enable "SRemote Name" in the phone webpage-Phone-Features-General Information
Then it will search in the remoter phonebook and display the caller name.
2. Because the Caller ID is read from 'From' header field, some PBX will sent Caller ID to 'From' header field, and the phone will display it.

RE: action url - psichel - 04-19-2013 04:43 AM

What if the Caller ID name is determined by a database or web lookup on a nearby computer?

Is there an API to send this information back to phone for easy display?

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RE: action url - Henri Elspass - 07-09-2013 12:35 AM


I come back to this issue, as we need to implement this feature for new clients urgently

The point is the same as "psichel" wrote
The caller id name is determined by a data base
and we need to display the name as it is written in this database and not the one sent by the PBX or ITSP

what is the format of the string to be send to the phone in this case

RE: action url - Yealink Support - 07-09-2013 02:33 PM

Hi Henri,
Did you try with our remote phonebook or LDAP phonebook?
These two kinds of phonebook is stored the contacts in another server(Not PBX)
(For remote phonebook, you can enable "SRemote Name" in the phone webpage-Phone-Features-General Information)

Remote phonebook:
See attached instruction.



RE: action url - CWR - 11-19-2014 06:06 AM

I know this thread is old - but the idea is great.
I am hoping one of these days 3cx might add a feature for an OpenCNAM lookup... it would be nice on the phone as well.