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T28 Replacement - baddah - 03-19-2015 04:55 PM


We've been told by our suppliers in South Africa that the Yealink T28 has been discontinued. Please confirm this is the case, and what the replacment of these phones are.

We've been told to use the T27, but as far as i can see these phones do not have the memory keys down the side that the T28(and T26) has.

There is also the T38G which looks like a T28 (with a color screen). From your website it appears as if this phone only supporets EXP39 and not EXP38. Please confirm if the T38G support the EXP38 expansion module.


RE: T28 Replacement - Flora_Yealink - 03-19-2015 09:06 PM

Hello ,
T27 can has 8 line keys can be programmed up to 21 various features (3-page view), it use paperless design while T28 only has 10 DSS keys , would you plese check to see if T27 can meet your requirement?
you can find the datasheet of T27 from below link
and for T38 G, it can support both EXP38 and EXP39.
Best Regards!

RE: T28 Replacement - baddah - 03-19-2015 09:23 PM

Thanks for the reply.

So you can confirm that the T26 and T28 has been disconitued? What about the T38? Will it also be discontinued shortly?

I'll use the T38G for now and get one T27 to see if it can work. I prefer the BLF buttons to be on the side of the phone (as it has been for the T26 and T28).

Does the T27 support expansion modules?


RE: T28 Replacement - Flora_Yealink - 03-20-2015 04:23 AM

T27 can support expansion modules ,now it can support EXP38 and EXP39 as well.