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T46G with exp40 - Paulo Batista - 10-28-2016 05:37 PM


I need same help
I have ip phones t46g and t42g and 2x w52 dect phone

I try configure BLF in t46g for to see de status of exten but
doesn´t work ? ;(


RE: T46G with exp40 - Paulo Batista - 11-05-2016 01:01 PM

Hi already fixed this issues .

must be in dialplan when people use asterisk with funcion hints.


RE: T46G with exp40 - CWR - 11-06-2016 01:57 AM

Glad you got it working.

when on these forums, i might recommend a little more information, like what your PBX is. We only know you are on Asterick based on your note about fixing the issue.

I often see folks try to set things up that is not even supported by their PBX or don't use a PBX at all.