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T38G as HUB - Agustin - 02-03-2015 09:58 PM

We have a PC with two logic VLAN ID (only 1 cable) conected to the phone (PC PORT) and the WAN conected to a layer 3 switch. We want that the packages travel throught the phone untouched.

We are also implementing QoS for VoIp, our idea is that the all the packages untagged coming from the phone to the layer 3 swicth will be tagged and other tagged packag will be managed by the switch.

Is this posible? Does the Sip Phones are enable to work this way?

Thanks in advance.

RE: T38G as HUB - James_Yealink - 02-04-2015 10:08 AM

Hi Agustin,

Phone can be used to tagged packets going through it.
You can go to Web UI-> Network-> Advacned, disable LLDP feature, then manually set a VID in WAN and PC port.
Then all packages from WAN port or PC port will be tagged accoridng to what you set.


RE: T38G as HUB - Agustin - 02-04-2015 07:02 PM

Thanks James,

Problem is, the NIC Already Tags in 2 VLAN, so I want that boths VLAN pass throught the Sip phone to the WAN untouched.
Is this posible?

RE: T38G as HUB - James_Yealink - 02-05-2015 03:06 PM

Sorry, I misunderstood you.

You can disable the PC port vlan feature then all the packets going though the PC port will be directly forwarded to switch without any operation.
Packets from phoen will still be tagged according the VLAN configuration of WAN port.


RE: T38G as HUB - Ret - 02-06-2015 05:09 AM

Have you tried activating "Span to PC" ? Maybe it's what you're looking for...

RE: T38G as HUB - Agustin - 02-11-2015 02:03 AM

It worked with 2 differents VLANs, but when i use the untagged vlan from the NIC it doesn´t work. Native Vlan goes throught but the tagged can´t go throught the phone. pc port is untagged and WAN port is tagged 20. I don´t understand why it shouldn't go throught. I will activate span to PC and check if it works.

RE: T38G as HUB - Agustin - 02-11-2015 03:26 AM

It worked finally, the pc NIC was also working wrong.
Close thread.
Thanks everybody.