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T41p EHS36 firmware update - fieldsg22 - 02-02-2015 10:55 PM

I have an issue where 3 out 4 phones suddenly do not answer calls or ring in the headswet with the Plantronics CS054 headset. After comparing the configuration of each phone I see that the one that does answer and ring has the EHS36 firmware as 2.16 where the other 3 are 1.16. So, comes the question of updating the EHS36 firmware.

I see all documentation on phones other than T41p, and I have tried the Zero Touch. This did not work, and possibly because I did it wrong.

What I need is to get all the phones working where the calls can be heard ringing in the headset, and the calls can be answered with the headset. Please point me to the correct direction for this resolution. I have been looking into this for the past few days, and I have found nothing but failure.

Thanks in advance

RE: T41p EHS36 firmware update - Yealink_Daniel - 02-04-2015 11:39 AM


I received your issue by support mail too, and I have replied you, please check you email.

Thank you.

RE: T41p EHS36 firmware update - timkaufmann - 01-26-2016 07:02 PM

I'd like to know how to upgrade the EHS36 using my T41P, too.

RE: T41p EHS36 firmware update - CapstoneWorks - 09-09-2016 10:24 PM

Please post "How" to the forum - we'd all like to know.