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T21 headset send volume low - sheilab - 02-01-2015 11:07 PM

I'm a new user. My headset send volume is practically nil. Tried to export current configuration (config.bin) from T21 webgui, edited but it doesn't import. Goes through the screens as if updating but no change in the end.

From where can I get the y000000000034.cfg file with default settings? in case I need to have phone point to a server. thanks!!

RE: T21 headset send volume low - Yealink_Peter - 02-02-2015 05:32 PM

Hello Sheila,

I have replied your email about the sending valume, please have a check and reply email to me if you have any question.
You can download the template cfg file from:Yealink T19P/T2XP/T4X AutoProvisioning Template_V72

Thank you.