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Speed Dial behaviour and the the transfer.dsskey_deal_type parameter - RobertS - 01-27-2015 03:52 AM


I am curious to get other people's thoughts on the Speed Dial keys and whether they should globally affected by the transfer.dsskey_deal_type parameter. When one presses a Speed Dial key, you would expect that it only dials the number that is configured on the speed dial. However, I have observed, that this behaviour is affected by what value you set for the transfer.dsskey_deal_type parameter. If the parameter is not defined or set to be attended or blind, the following scenario occurs:

Assume: linekey.2 is defined as a speed dial ala:

linekey.2.line = 1
linekey.2.value = 15555551212
linekey.2.type = 13
linekey.2.label = John Q Public
linekey.2.extension =
linekey.2.xml_phonebook =

1. Call Account 1 on a Yealink T4x
2. Answer the call
3. Press the hold softkey
4. Press the linekey.2's configured speed dial contact.

The call is transferred either blind or attended depending on what the transfer.dsskey_deal_type parameter is set to. This is contrary to what a speed dial is, or how I would think most people interpret the function to be. I.E. the call that was previously on hold is transfer somehow as opposed to staying on hold while the speed dial contact is called.

The real question is why the key is doing a transfer when its purpose is to not transfer callers in the first place? Does anyone have a suggestion as to a work around for getting speed dials to work as a Speed Dial Key that actually speed dials while leaving the transfer.dsskey_deal_type parameter set to attended or blind?



P.S - I tried this on the latest firmware rev for a T48 and it was the same symptoms.

RE: Speed Dial behaviour and the the transfer.dsskey_deal_type parameter - mercutioviz - 01-27-2015 04:02 AM

Just my $0.02, but I would love to see this behavior be customizable. For example, I can understand why someone might want the current behavior, i.e. a quick and dirty transfer. However, I can understand why some would find it odd that you must press "new call" after pressing "hold" before pressing the speed dial key.

I guess it all comes down to whether the user is more likely to want the key to be a transfer key or a pure speed dial key with no implied transfer. Perhaps the middle ground would be to let the user choose their behavior based upon whether or not they pressed Hold or Transfer. If you press Transfer then speed dial key then obviously the user would want a transfer. If you press Hold then speed dial key then you would want a "new call" instead of a transfer.

That's just my opinion, but it seems to make sense for Hold to mean hold and Transfer to mean transfer...


RE: Speed Dial behaviour and the the transfer.dsskey_deal_type parameter - James_Yealink - 01-27-2015 05:10 PM

Hi All,

Thanks for your suggestion.
Wo do have the plan to add custome softkey/DSSKey feature(probably called EDK). Users can define a function of a softkey/dsskey with this feature.
Please wait for it.