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Calls makes phone restart - happydj - 01-17-2015 04:39 AM

Hi everyone,

After purchasing 2 of the excellent T48G units and setting them up to communicate with out local Asterisk server - one 1 of the phones, when I dial an external number (like my mobile/cell) my mobile/cell rings, but the Yealink phones screen turns black and it restarts - my mobile/cell continues to ring for a few seconds before stopping.

When I receive a call from an internal or external number, the phone crashes and restarts.

The Yealink then re-registers without any issues.

1 of the phones is working without any problems at all. However it is the other phone (same config just different extension number) which I'm having the issues.

Has anyone has any issues with this? The phone has been updated to the latest software.

RE: Calls makes phone restart - Bryan Nelson - 01-17-2015 05:40 AM

We have a lot of these in service not experiencing this problem. My guess would be that something in the call invite is bad, or has a certain configuration that causes a crash.

Which codecs are you using? Maybe there is an issue with a codec that we don't use that you have discovered. Setting up a local syslog server and having the phone upload it's syslog there will show the cause of the crash in real-time.

RE: Calls makes phone restart - James_Yealink - 01-17-2015 12:02 PM


You can also try a factory reset under Menu-> Setting-> Advanced Setting-> Reset.
And try switching the power adapter of the two T48G.


RE: Calls makes phone restart - opt2bout - 01-18-2015 05:55 AM

I have a T42G new and it constantly restarts even when NOT connected to a service. We blamed our Voip service at first, but it is continuous and I can't track anything down.

It does this randomly, and we have tried upgrading (and downgrading) the firmware. We have it sitting at the latest v72 version, and have tried v73 series as well, all to no avail.

How can I troubleshoot this further?

RE: Calls makes phone restart - jeremyhogsed - 10-06-2016 11:14 PM

I am having the same problem. I went to go and reset the phone and I used the password admin but says that is not the password. The phone is brand new and no password has been changed. I do not know how to reset phone. Also I was looking online and there is a new firm wire available. How would I go about downloading the firmware and getting it installed on phone.