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T20P and headset issue - ericmagnuson - 01-15-2015 11:34 PM

I purchased a Plantronics HW-251N headset and connected via a U10P-S connector. Per the listed compatibility on the Yealink website, these are in fact compatible with the SIP-T20P phones. However, when I use the headphone jack I am only able to hear audio and the person I have called cannot hear my voice. I verified that the cable and mic in the headset are in fact working. Can someone please help me with this problem?

Thank you,
Eric Magnuson

RE: T20P and headset issue - James_Yealink - 01-16-2015 10:40 AM

Hi Eric,

We have tested this headset model multiple times and confirmed it can work.
Please make sure what you connect is U10P-S cord but a U10P. They are two different cord and U10P cord probably cause the issue.