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hand-free line priority - softy783 - 12-27-2014 09:20 PM

Gigabit Color IP Phone SIP-T38G

currently when the speaker button is pressed it will default to the first registered line

any way to reassign to another line.
I moved my spa-3102 to "Line1" position but was unable to get it registered.
Of course now the T38G defaults to "Line2" a registered number.
Can DSS Key somehow be forced to default to "Line1" location?
Where are the controls for the "Speaker Icon" button?

thanks in-advance

RE: hand-free line priority - Yealink_Peter - 12-30-2014 09:56 AM

Hello softy783,

When you press Speaker button or hook off handset, it will default to the first registered account, and can't adjust the priority on T38.
Supposed currently you set 3101 for line1, 3102 for line2, when press speaker, it default to 3101.
If you would like set 3102 as default account, you should register the 3102 information to account1, and set 3101 information to account2 or account3 or others.
Additional, the Speaker icon button can't be edited.