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3CX and T46G - grayhawk - 12-10-2014 04:59 AM

We are running the latest version of 3CX (v12 SP6.1) running on Yealink T46G firmware version

We are having major issues our headsets(AmTech AT3085 Monaural and multiple Plantronics headsets) The send volume on the microphones is just to high. It distorts and the patients either hang up or get extremely upset. We were forced to stop using the headsets.

I have been told by our vendor to change the custom template in 3CX (which isn't supported) under "Voice". I have tried every setting and nothing helped.

I have also been told to add the following lines under "Voice" in the template:

#Configure the sending volume of Speaker, Handset and Headset. It ranges from 1 to 53, the default values are 25, 35, 29.
#Require reboot;
voice.handfree_send =25
voice.handset_send = 35
voice.headset_send = 29

Editing the voice.headset_send down to around 10 or 12 seemed to fix our problem, but this isn't supported. If we have ANY issues 3CX will not support us due to a custom template being in place. Also this "fix" wasn't even in the original template so I am a little concerned about issues that these entries will cause.

Can anyone point me in a direction that will be supported?

RE: 3CX and T46G - James_Yealink - 12-10-2014 09:57 AM

Hi Gray,

You can refer to this post:

The default send value of T4x is 1.

So these parameter should be changed like below in template:
voice.handfree_send = 1
voice.handset_send = 1
voice.headset_send = 1


RE: 3CX and T46G - grayhawk - 12-10-2014 12:54 PM

Thanks for reply.

After reading through the link you provided, it seems I have no options except to edit the custom template. This is unfortunate due to the fact that if I have ANY issues that requires 3CX support I am in trouble. They have already told me on numerous occasions that they won't even help troubleshoot an issue until I remove the custom template.

RE: 3CX and T46G - tsukraw - 12-23-2014 01:11 PM

With 3CX support you just have to be firm with your issue and be 100% positive yourself that the issue is not caused by a modification you did.

If you are not sure you always have the option of taking a test phone or two and setting the back to the default template to verify the issue still happens before calling support.

We have dozens of 3CX customers out there and just about every single one of them is running on modified templates. There is a lot of things you can do my modifying templates but there is a lot you can muck up at the same time.

You have to look at 3CX's angle on it as well. They cannot possibly support from there size every feature/modification that Yealink allows you to make for there phones. There is a list a mile long. So 3CX support has to draw the line somewhere.

But like i said if you set one single phone back to the default template test confirm the issue still exists you will be golden with support. That is how we do it and have no issues at all.

As for your echo issue those values will absolutely correct the problem with the headset.
Take a look at this post.
If you need any help or unsure of what you are doing PM me. Would gladly give you a hand.

RE: 3CX and T46G - CWR - 12-24-2014 03:41 AM

I could not imagine not being able to have a customized template... what an administrative nightmare that would be.