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DSS Key Type: URL - lloyd - 12-06-2014 03:09 PM


I've searched the forums but only came up with one similar question that the OP never came back to after tech support asked more questions.

I have a Yealink T42G, which I'm very happy with but being the programmer, I've set a Line key to the type URL, in which I put a URL on my PBX and indeed, presssing the Line Key activates what I want. (Sends an email to me with the call details).

My question is, the light on the Line Key, remains flashing red after the URL is executed.

Is there a way to turn this light off when it has finished sending the URL request, or do I have to return certain data?

Thanks in advance!


Lloyd. :-)

RE: DSS Key Type: URL - Yealink_Jim - 12-08-2014 04:26 PM

For this issue, I suggest that you can try to use XML Browser to check if it can solve this issue.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1214]

As your mentioned that the light on the Line Key, remains flashing red after the URL is executed. Do you mean it flashing red for a while or keep flashing red after the URL is executed. Would you please let me know more information about it?

RE: DSS Key Type: URL - lloyd - 12-08-2014 04:35 PM


Thanks for your reply.
Yes, the red light on the line key just keeps flashing and never stops until I reboot the phone.
The URL does indeed run, so that's great but I would just like the light to turn off after it has been completed.
I can't find in any documentation why the light keeps flashing after the URL execution finishes.

I tried the XML Browser option just then and it did indeed work, however an error message came up that said:
File Layout Error!

However, it went back to the normal display after that AND the URL executed as I want.

Whilst this is a semi-solution, I'm guessing that it's not 100% how it's supposed to work.
Could you tell me a little more about the light status when using the URL option. Is it indicative of a failure, or is the behaviour by-design for a line key?


Lloyd. Smile

RE: DSS Key Type: URL - Yealink_Jim - 12-10-2014 11:00 AM

Usually when URL request done the server will returns a value, for this issue, I think may be the phone hasn't receive the value and keep send request so that the line key keep flashing. Would you please send me the Pcap file, about how to get the Pcap file you can refer to below FAQ:

RE: DSS Key Type: URL - lloyd - 12-10-2014 03:29 PM


Thanks very much for your kind reply.
I am trying to run a PHP file on the server, which I think is the problem as all URL actions on the phone seem to require XML files.
If I try an XML file to turn on an LED, for example, it works.
It's only when I introduce a .php file into either the XML file or the URL field, that the problem occurs.
I have developed a work-around, whereby I just ignore the error that flashes up, as the file is still executed the way I need it to, it's just the clean-return that doesn't happen.
I don't think it's worth taking any further as I'm sure you will find that I'm trying to use a .php file and that is probably not supported.

Thank you for your help anyway.

Kind Regards,