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Re-order Hanset - - 12-05-2014 10:59 PM


I was experiencing a problem due to Hanset register order. We use autoprovisioning to configure user accounts and set it to one handset.
We do like the following:
Account 1 -> H1
Account2 -> H2

This works fine until we need to deregister one of the handsets.
E.g. One client has 4 handsets each one with one account if I delete H2 I will configure Account1 to 3 but with our autoprovision one of the accounts will be unavailable because Account3 -> H3 that does not exist.
I tried factory reset on both base and handset but without success, H4 is allways H4. Is there any way to change this?

Best Regards

RE: Re-order Hanset - Yealink_Jim - 12-08-2014 10:34 AM

You can try to delete H4 and register again. Or you can try to set up as below to check if it can solve this isue:

Login to the web UI, Go to aAccount-> Number Assignment


RE: Re-order Hanset - - 12-09-2014 10:53 PM

Hi Jim,

I tried to delete H4 and also do factory reset, but whenever I register again the handset it comes with H4, not H2.

I know that I can solve this trough WebUI, it was what I did for test purposes, but how can this be done using only auto-provisioning?
I am using V50, but we are planning to deploy v73. Could this be a bug of v50?


RE: Re-order Hanset - Yealink_Jim - 12-10-2014 09:28 AM

Given below is the configuration parameters base on V73:

#The line accept to incoming(1,2,3,4,5);X ranges from 1 to 5
#handset.X.incoming_lines = 1,2,3,4

handset.1.incoming_lines =

#The line accept to call out(1,2,3,4,5)
#handset.X.dial_out_lines = 1,2,5
#handset.X.dial_out_default_line = 1

handset.1.dial_out_lines =
handset.1.dial_out_default_line = =

Please go to below link to get the V73 configuration template:

Hope this helps!