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T38 Call Park, BLF light stays red - mdctech - 12-04-2014 12:59 AM

We are having an issue with 35 T38s, connecting to our 3cxcloud server. We have the DSS memory keys set up Type>Call Park, Value Sp0-5, and Account 1. When someone calls in and is parked it shows red on all phones for the line it was parked on; however, when picking up the call from another phone, the light stays red, even after the call is ended. When you pick up the parked line a second time (after the call is ended, light still red), it just plays hold music. Then you can hang up and it clears the parked call.

We are using the default template, and have used this set up before without problems. Any ideas?

RE: T38 Call Park, BLF light stays red - Wilson_Yealink - 12-05-2014 07:51 PM

Hi mdctech,

I have tested call park feature in my side and it does work well.
1. You set call park key SP0 on all phones, are the phones all T38 phone? Or there are other model phones?
2. May I know what is the firmware version of your phone? You can press OK button to get it.
3. Would you please take a short video to show your scenario and then I can understand it more clearly?