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T46G provision screensaver settings - n1cks21 - 10-04-2016 10:37 PM

Can someone please post the full set of provision settings for the screensaver on a T46G

I have checked on the web interface the "tips" seem wrong as it states "phone_setting.screen_saver_wait_time" for the wait time when it's actually "screensaver.wait_time"

the other tip is "phone_setting.screen_saver_type" for custom or system is that wrong as well ?

I would also like to know the syntax for image url ?and if it's possible to have it set to upload multiple images ?

RE: T46G provision screensaver settings - n1cks21 - 10-11-2016 09:37 PM

screensaver.wait_time =
screensaver.type =
screensaver.picture_change_interval =
screensaver.clock_move_interval =
screensaver.display_clock_on_upload_picture.enable =
screensaver.upload_url =
screensaver.delete =

for more than one image use :

screensaver.upload_url =
screensaver.upload_url =
screensaver.upload_url =

Full details follow the below link (pages 117 to 123)​pdf