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XML Application - lunacom - 03-14-2013 05:57 PM

We're developing a XML application that manage a shared address book.

We have encountered a problem:
The idea is to obtain the name of the caller by interrogation of our address book.

We’re trying to do it by setting in "incoming call" on "action url" an URL that have to return an XML of type "IPPhoneTextScreen".
But it doesn't work, the phone ignoring the passed XML.

Do you have any suggestion?
Can we do it without a LDAP server?
Regarding this will be released updates?


RE: XML Application - Yealink Support - 03-26-2013 05:05 PM

Hello, do you mean you want to display the caller ID which is in your phonebook, when there's an incoming call?
1. If you use remote phonebook, you can access to the phone webpage-Phone-Features-General Information, there's an option called "SRemote Name", you can enable this, so when there's an incoming call who is in your remote phonebook, it will display the caller ID on the screen.
2. You can also acheive this by LDAP, you can enabled "Match Incoming Calls" in the webpage-Contacts-LDAP, with all the LDAP configuration. You can refer to the manual as below: