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T19 dial pin while dialing - maxxx - 11-06-2014 06:18 PM


Please, help me with my problem Blush

We have some phone number for economy while worldwide calling.
How it's works: we call this number, then robot says to enter pin(10 numbers), then robot says enter worldwide number.

With old analog phones we use 2 quick buttons. One with phone number, another with pin. The user press button 1, than he listen that robot says to enter pin and user press button 2.

With T19 i think i can use DSS buttons for our scenario. I have create two buttons.
User press first, the phone start dialing and user promted to enter pin, than user press second DSS button with pin and nothing happens.

What i'm doing wrong?

Problem will be solved, if i can add some pause to the dialed number before enter pin. In this way i can use only 1 DSS button. But i have read, that it's impossible in current firmwares

RE: T19 dial pin while dialing - Wilson_Yealink - 11-07-2014 04:28 PM

Hi maxxx,

I am sorry to tell you that the T19 doesn't have Dsskey, so it doesn't support your scenario. Other Yealink phones have DSSKEY that support it. Becasue the Programable Key doesn't support the DTMF type.
If you have other model Yealink phone, like T2x , T4x lines.
You can set one dsskey as speed dial(phone number), another dsskey as DTMF type(pin number).


RE: T19 dial pin while dialing - maxxx - 11-07-2014 04:38 PM

And what about pause in dialing number? It's impossible. Is it true?