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SIP-T19P E2 DTMF not working with g.729 - seulater - 09-28-2016 09:28 PM

I have a SIP-T19P E2 that I am trying out. My system needs to use G.729 as the codec, I have the phone set up to use RFC2833 + SIP info.

I have 3 other phones on the LAN to try out as well. Grandstream, Cisco, & Polycom. Phone works fine with audio to all other phones. However the DTMF is not working correctly. From the SIP-T19P E2, to all other phones it works fine. However when any of the other phones sends the SIP-T19P E2 DTMF, i get nothing. Nothing on the LCD, and more importantly no DTMF audio.

If i switch to inband, i can hear the DTMF, but its distorted as expected when using g.729. So how can i make it sound the DTMF tones when using RFC2833 ?

RE: SIP-T19P E2 DTMF not working with g.729 - Travis_Yealink - 09-29-2016 11:29 AM

Hi, please help to collect the trace files, I will help you to check then.
For how to get the trace files, please refer FAQ:
I need TWO packages, one with T19P-E2 to other phone, another with other phone to T19P-E2, please send the trace files to, we will reply you soon.