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802.1x - dani - 10-27-2014 03:38 PM


i trying to enable 802.1x on the T42G with radius Server (MS NPS)

did some one did it or can help me how to?


RE: 802.1x - James_Yealink - 10-28-2014 03:43 PM

Hi Dani,

Which 802.1x mode is used? Most of setting about 802.1x is finshed in switch and radius server.
In phone side, you just need to enable the feature and fill the identity/password.
Have you successfully connected a device like PC with 802.1x in your network environment?

If yes, can you export a phone level 6 syslog for an analysis? Go to configuration, set the syslog level to 6, reproduce the issue and then export it.
If not, it might be the issue of switch or radius server.