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BLF Broadworks - thermel31 - 10-26-2014 12:19 AM

I have been testing the BLF list using BroadWorks and a T46G wilt a EXP40 expansion module. What I am finding is that I am only able to have 10 BLF buttons on either the phone or the Expansion module. Following the Yealink Broadworks suggested config for the BLF here is the settings I used.

account.1.blf.blf_list_uri = %BWBLF-URI-1%

account.1.blf_list_code = %BWFAC-DIRECTED-CALL-PICKUP-1%

account.1.blf_list_barge_in_code = %BWFAC-DIRECTED-CALL-PICKUP-WITH-BARGE-IN-1%

phone_setting.auto_blf_list_enable = 1

phone_setting.blf_list_sequence_type = 0

I did set the phone_setting.blf_list_sequence_type to 1 just to see of the expansion module works and it did light 10 of the blf but as soon as I added the 11 blf all of my blf's disappeared. Does anyone have some insight on what I might have configured wrong?

I forgot to mention that I am currently using Firmware version and I also tried a previous verions

RE: BLF Broadworks - James_Yealink - 10-27-2014 08:11 PM

Hi Thermel31,

Do you have another T46G or Yealink phone? If yes, can you please do the test some on it?
If not, can you please reset phone and check again?
After configuring, please go to web interface, just regiter an account and fill the blf list URI.


RE: BLF Broadworks - thermel31 - 10-29-2014 08:20 PM

I have tried many different phones, also have tried resetting the phone numerous times with no change in the results. Seems no matter what I do, I can only have 10 blf buttons, if I go over the 10 than they all disappear. One thing that was suggested to me was to switch the sip messaging from UDP to TCP but after I did that my phone didn't work at all.

RE: BLF Broadworks - thermel31 - 03-11-2015 03:59 AM

issue ended up being the MTU size setting on our core switches and routers.