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Can only use 4 BLFList Keys with Broadsoft - AGingerich - 02-26-2013 12:30 AM

We've been evaluating the T26P and T28P phones for deployment to potential Broadsoft/Broadworks customers.

Largely, it has been a pretty good process... however, I've run into a peculiar problem.

When using the BLFList, the T26P does not correctly work with more than 4 BLFList entries configured in broadsoft. If I put 1-4 entries in, it seems to work correctly.

However, when I add a 5th entry, all of the lamp buttons turn off, and remain off until I delete the 5th entry.

I was originally using, but upgraded one phone to, and it did not fix the problem. We have a customer who would like to use this feature on the T26P today, but it so far is severely limited by the arbitrary 4-entry limit.

RE: Can only use 4 BLFList Keys with Broadsoft - Yealink Support - 03-27-2013 02:04 PM

Sorry for our delay.
Could you give us your contacts information like Email address, Skype, Company, and which country are you from?
To make a better and quick support for you, I want to introduce a special technical support engineer for you, so he or she will follow your issues ASAP.
BTW, did you test Broadworks R17?
And did you follow the correct setting of BLF LIST feature on Yealink phone?