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802.1X authentication - mflingelli - 09-23-2014 02:34 PM


I have installed a root certificate on the Yealink Phone TP22 (Firmware with a combined certificate and key file (telephone certificate) on the telephone in the section Network -> Advanced -> 802.1X.

The 802.1X authentication works only if the telephone certificate is newer than the certificate of the 801.X authentication server although the certificate of the 802.1X authentication server is valid.

According to my assumption the cerificates on the telephones have to be replaced if the certificate on the authentication server was renewed regardless of the validity of the root CA. Are my suppositions right?

Best regards
Markus Flingelli

RE: 802.1X authentication - James_Yealink - 09-25-2014 05:51 PM

Hi Markus,

Yes, the certificate on the telephones should be replaced.
Generally, the sever certificate is generated by Root CA so it should be newer than the Root CA.