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Dial Plan to select outgoing account/provider - boardshorst - 09-22-2014 09:02 PM

Replacing a Minitar mva11A with W52P with two W52Hs.

I read the W52P supported "dial plans" and up to five accounts/providers.

Did not realize that the "dial plans" do not allow you to route an outgoing call to an specified account/provider based on the dialed prefix like Minitar, Gigaset and others.

We use this to send landline calls to one provider, cell calls to another provider, international calls to another, and service calls to a different provider based on call rates and/or whether they offer access to those service numbers or sometimes a destination (eg one provider recently stopped supporting calls to Isle of Man??)

I attach a sample screen shot from a Minitar that shows all calls commencing with 13 or 1800 routed to provider 3 as the other providers time these calls at a rate or do not support them. 13 is an untimed local call and 1800 is a free call in the PSTN network - provider 3 offers these rates.

Making the user select the account to use is both an extra user intervention and prone to error, with sometimes the call not being placed. This is not the ideal end user experience for the day to day users who do not understand the differences between the various providers offerings/limitations.

I cannot deploy W52Ps for my clients until this is addressed.

Using latest software (Base) and (Handsets) and could not find a way to replicate this functionality.

RE: Dial Plan to select outgoing account/provider - James_Yealink - 09-23-2014 02:58 PM


Thanks for your suggeston.
The routing dial plan is not supported in Yealink W52P currently. But as you say, customers can choose a line to dial out in Yealink W52P.
It's more like a user habbit?

So in your scenairo, customers direlcty dial out a call but through directory? If they dial from direcoty how the dial plan is used?


RE: Dial Plan to select outgoing account/provider - boardshorst - 09-23-2014 09:23 PM

Hi James,

This is a lot more than just user habit. Each user needs to understand the benefits of each plan and also, why, if they choose the wrong plan the call will fail.

It makes the calling process way more complicated than it is at present, where they can pick up the handset, dial a number and the ATA does the rest.

We intend to use remote phone books (not directory) but I am puzzled about your last question. The remote phone book will place the number to the input buffer (as though keyed) and I would assume the dial plans would be applied when we press the "Off-hook Key".

Many calls will just be manually dialed as the contact may not be in remote phone book.



RE: Dial Plan to select outgoing account/provider - steveedwards - 09-26-2014 12:09 AM

This is exactly the same problem i found after i opted for W52P. I had previously posted a request for a dial plan to automatically select the correct line but from what i was told this wasn't possible.

Very frustrating.

RE: Dial Plan to select outgoing account/provider - boardshorst - 09-30-2014 07:49 AM

Yes. It is a pity that they seem not to want to understand how dial plan routing is useful and used.

It is possible as most of their competitors already have built this into their dial plans years ago.

I looked at the specs saw dial plans and 5 accounts/providers supported. I wrongly assumed that what appeared to be one of the emerging manufacturers, would have what is a very basic and standard function.

It is bit like the colored flower logo on the handsets in the advertising - you need to read every word of the user manual to discover that if may be in the picture/specs but not in the firmware supplied.

I did research the W52P on forums, including this one, but did not find anything to indicate it was not supported which is why I posted this here in the hope that others find out before they purchase or Yealink listen to the feedback and update the firmware to match the competitions offering.

I have had to supply a Gigaset alternative to the client I originally purchased the W52P for.

Not frustrated - just a bad taste in my mouth - caveat emptor.

RE: Dial Plan to select outgoing account/provider - ozimarco - 08-07-2018 02:04 PM

I find it hard to believe that Yealink does not have proper dial plans that can choose an account based on the number dialled, e.g. national numbers automatically go to Account 1, mobile numbers go to Account 2, etc. Having used a PAP2, OBI202 in the past and currently still using a Gigaset IP phone, I assumed all VoIP phone systems had dial plans that can automatically select accounts. My family members have absolutely no idea of which account to select to dial specific numbers so, in this case, a proper dial plan is necessary.

Is it really so difficult for Yealink engineers to incorporate this feature in the firmware?

RE: Dial Plan to select outgoing account/provider - sprocketoctopus - 04-08-2022 01:35 PM

I just have also been misinformed.

I too thought my Yealink W70B/W73H dialplan would allow me to pick an outgoing provider/account.

But I have just learned - no.

Again, my old Gigaset did this very well.

Could you please add this in future Feature requests? I would think it should not be that hard!

Thanks - great IP phone otherwise.