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T28P calls go to speaker - Santi - 09-19-2014 12:24 AM


We have a T28P with three EXP38 panels (all of them with their power adapter plugged) but, in some calls, the audio goes automatically from the handset to the speaker.
We have tried to change the T28P with the same result Huh
It has the last firmware T28P: EXP38:

What can we do?


RE: T28P calls go to speaker - Lucas1 - 09-19-2014 06:21 PM

Hi Santi,

:)Thanks for your continuously support for Yealink products.
Could you please reset to factory firstly?In Idle status ,long Press OK key.
And disconnect the EXP38 panels ,do the issue occur?

If issue still exist,please provide issue data from phone,.
2,syslog(level 6)
If you dont know how to get issue data ,please refer to URL address
or http address

Please upload the issue data to and notify me ,thank you

RE: T28P calls go to speaker - Santi - 10-06-2014 11:02 PM


This case is closed. I've made a deeply analysis and I can conclude that the issues our customer are experiencing are the same as those explained in post "T38G pickup handset doesn't answer the incoming call".


RE: T28P calls go to speaker - Lucas1 - 11-10-2014 10:51 AM

Hi Santi,

Thank you to support our phone.