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Wireless Repeater Handover - andycol - 09-16-2014 10:12 PM

Hi Guys,

We have a strange problem,

We have 20 phones with 10 Base stations and 30 Repeaters(3 repeaters per base)

A weird error happends, when you are walking and the handset hands over to a repeater you get a scratching sound for about 2 seconds and then it is fine again.

any idea how we can fix this?

RE: Wireless Repeater Handover - James_Yealink - 09-17-2014 11:15 AM

Hi Andycol,

This maybe a verification tone. Please check the repeater guide, it describes how to disable it.


RE: Wireless Repeater Handover - andycol - 09-17-2014 02:34 PM


No it is not the verification tone, we have disabled it and it is a different sound.

Is there any way to actually check if the repeater is correctly paired with the base station?