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Allow Remote Phonebook access while on a call - 247Stan - 09-15-2014 08:07 PM


Does anyone know the syntax necessary to write the following settings into a .CFG file?
I've added the lines as they are shown, but the configuration of the handset doesn't change when I load the new .CFG file.


<item id_name="history" display_name="History" priority="" enable="0" />
<item id_name="ldap" display_name="LDAP" priority="" enable="0" />
<item id_name="localdirectory" display_name="Local Directory" priority="" enable="0" />
<item id_name="remotedirectory" display_name="Remote Phone Book" priority="1" enable="1" />
<item id_name="networkcalllog" display_name="Network CallLog" priority="3" enable="0" />
<item id_name="broadsoftdirectory" display_name="Broadsoft Directory" priority="6" enable="0" />
<item id_name="ldap_search" display_name="LDAP" priority="" enable="0" />
<item id_name="local_directory_search" display_name="Local Contacts" priority="" enable="0" />
<item id_name="remote_directory_search" display_name="Remote Phonebook" priority="1" enable="1" />
<item id_name="calllog_search" display_name="History" priority="2" enable="1" /

RE: Allow Remote Phonebook access while on a call - Wilson_Yealink - 09-16-2014 03:03 PM

These files are XML format. Do you mean you don't know how to add them into the CFG file and let them work?
If yes, you need to use it via auto provision. And the auto provision parameters are below:
##you need to put the XML files and CFG file into auto provision server.
##And exchange the ip address(, for example to yours.

directory_setting.url =
super_search.url =

For more information, please refer to the auto provision guide and admin guide.
admin guide
auto provision guide