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w52p roaming or reapeter - paulhuynh - 09-12-2014 09:50 PM

so we have total of 4 base unit and 8 handsets

can i get 3 of the handsets to register to all 3 different base? so if the user travel from one side of the office to the other side they still have service? and can it have the same extension number??

RE: w52p roaming or reapeter - James_Yealink - 09-13-2014 01:09 PM

Hi Paulhuynh,

Yes, you can register a handset to 3 different base. When you get into the another base coverage, the hanset will automatically register to the new base.

If you want to use a same extension in the handset, you have to ensure that the extension is registerd in that new base.

So in a word, the handset register to the new base and the handset service depends on that new base, it's not related to the old base.