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Unable to upload Wallpaper - CraigFox - 09-01-2014 03:48 AM

I am attempting to upload a wallpaper to the phone using auto-provisioning. I am able to manually upload and set the wallpaper via the phone's GUI. Here is what I believe are the relevant settings

Phone: T38G
Common Cfg Settings (y000000000038.cfg):
wallpaper_upload.url =
phone_setting.backgrounds = Config:EasyComWP.png

Obviously the wallpaper is not changing. I am able to access the URL from any web browser (so not a permission issue). I am able to set the wallpaper manually to the same file (so not a size or format issue) The CFG file is applying because other settings are applied (e.g. NTP Servers). When I check the phone via the gui, the wallpaper file is not listed as an option, only the system wallpapers.

RE: Unable to upload Wallpaper - Barnabas - 09-01-2014 12:55 PM

Your configuration is correct. I have the same lines and it works for me. I'd suspect that there might be a line with incorrect formatting just before those two lines. Your phone reads the config file up to that point but not further.

I'd move those 2 lines to the beginning of y000000000038.cfg and try again.


RE: Unable to upload Wallpaper - CraigFox - 09-01-2014 08:24 PM

Thanks for the response. I moved the wallpaper url to the first line on the CFG file with no luck. With your thought in mind, I am attaching the y000000000038.cfg (renamed to.txt to upload) file for review.

Thanks for the help in advance

RE: Unable to upload Wallpaper - Barnabas - 09-02-2014 08:51 AM

Sorry to hear that. Did you check that now the wallpaper is in fact downloaded onto your phone and you can see it under the drop-down list?

Here are my files attached. I have moved those lines into the MAC file.

RE: Unable to upload Wallpaper - CraigFox - 09-02-2014 09:33 AM

OK Got it. Apparently you can manually upload a file that is not exactly 480x272 but you can not not do it via auto provision. The image I was using was off by a couple of pixels. (Must have changed it during a transparency operation) The screen saver doesn't care