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T46 - Backlight Auto provision - sfrazier - 09-07-2016 03:56 AM

I am trying to provision T46G phones so that:

Screensaver Wait Time = 2 Min
Screensaver Type = System
Screensaver = System.jpg

I can get the backlight to be on for 120 seconrds and then go off.
I can not get it to go to the backlightt after 102 seconds, show the System.jpg for 2 minutes and then go off.

I can't seem to find all the parameters to make this work for the y000000000028.cfg file.

Can any one tell me what all I need to make this happen?

I have:

phone_setting.inactive_backlight_level = 0
phone_setting.backlight_time = 120


RE: T46 - Backlight Auto provision - Karl_Yealink - 09-08-2016 04:42 AM

please refer to the guide below.
Please check begin with the page 117