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Server Retry Counts - Fadi - 09-06-2016 10:54 PM


I have several T41G and T42G, running with the firmware
When the sip server is unavailable, it seems the phones don't resend request and it keep showig "Register Status: Registered", and I have to register the phones manually.

The Server Retry Counts is set to 3.

Does anybody know why is this happening to me?

Best regards;

RE: Server Retry Counts - Karl_Yealink - 09-08-2016 04:47 AM

Seem that the phone register succeed, but sometime later, it disconnect with the server or lose registration.

You can enable the SIP keep alive.(web interface->account->advanced)

It configures the type of keep-alive packets sent by the IP phone to the NAT device to keep the communication port open so that NAT can continue to function for account X.

Retry Count only using multi servers, when one server down, the phone retry to register then change to other server.