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BLF show incorrect info / stuck - JSM Communications - 09-06-2016 09:32 PM

Hi all,
i have a question involving the BLF on Yealink T4x phones.

Last couple of weeks we have alot of customers complaining that the BLF are showing incorrect information.

Green while the phone is calling...
Red while the phone isnt calling...
Or totally stuck on Green and doesnt switch...

After a reboot this issue is fixed, but i cant tell our customers to reboot their phone once a week for this issue.

This happens with customers with and without firewalls, so it isnt a port/firewall issue.

We have this problem with all the T4x Yealink phones and they are in 3 different firmwares (.50 / .95 / .125).

Is this a known problem for Yealink users?
Looking for answers and solutions!

Thanks in advance,

RE: BLF show incorrect info / stuck - Karl_Yealink - 09-08-2016 04:55 AM

Normally, the status up to the NOTIFY which sent from server side.
We need to check whether the server send the correct NOTIFY message to phone.

Maybe you can decrease the Subscribe Period(Seconds) then test again.
The path:web interface->account->advanced.

If this problem still persist, please help us to get the trace files.
You can refer to the FAQ:
Then send the files to us, we will check.
Please tell us the scenario when you capture the files.