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52P registering extra phones - - 08-20-2014 10:17 PM

We are trying to register extra phones to a 52p base. the phones are registering and getting the IP address but when we log into the base the in the web portal we see that they are showing "registration failed" . When we try to make a call we get the error message "call failed busy here"

RE: 52P registering extra phones - anonymous1709630661971 - 08-25-2014 07:59 PM


You may mix something up. The following are some explanations about the registration. Hope this can help you a lot. Smile
1. Phone(W52H) register with a W52P base.
After the handset is successfully registered with base, then we can see the IP address of Base. Then we can get through the base via web interface.

2. Accounts are registered on base.
If accounts are reigistered successfully on the base, then the accounts can be distributed to each handset which can be customized by every user. If the account is showing 'registeration failed', it means that there is something wrong with the account info.

So your problem is belong to the second point. You can ask your Network Administrator or PBX server provider for help.