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T46G MWI not clearing - frame_michael - 08-31-2016 10:25 PM

we have a few T46G IP Telephones here connected to a Fritzbox 6360.
Everything was working fine until our provider (Vodafone/Kabeldeutschland)
rolled out a firmware upgrade to the modem (Fritzbox 6360) yesterday night.

Since then the Message Waiting Indicator for voice mail is constantly blinking - even if I have deleted any new messages on the fritzbox.
The voice mail button is correctly connecting to the fritzbox voice mail. It is working alright - but the Message indicator is constantly on....

(fritbox has been reset and newly configured- also to no avail).

Any Ideas?

p.s. we use the latest firmware on our T46G phones

RE: T46G MWI not clearing - Karl_Yealink - 09-09-2016 05:23 AM

Normally, the MWI refer to the NOTIFY message which send from server side.
The NOTIFY message will contain the voice message info.

So I hope you can help me to get the PCAP and syslog and config.bin files.
So I can check more. Thank you.
You can email the trace files to me(, I will check then give you update.
Note, please copy the post in the email, so I can know the trace files for which problem.

RE: T46G MWI not clearing - frame_michael - 09-09-2016 04:00 PM

Hi Karl,
I sent the requested files to your email account.


RE: T46G MWI not clearing - Karl_Yealink - 09-10-2016 05:30 AM


I check the file, the problem is that the NOTIFY message don’t contain the correct message.
So the phone get no MWI message. You can see the NOTIFY message which send from server side, it mean that there is no voice message.

So this problem is server problem, please contact with your server provider for help.
The NOTIFY message is wrong.