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Can't Factory Reset T22P - SimonH - 08-06-2014 09:48 PM

I've had a T22P plonked on my desk to configure for a user. It came from an ex customer some time ago when they closed down, we have no idea how installed it, what the admin password might be, yada yada yada. I do have a number of other Yealink phones (mostly T22, one T26 IIRC) already setup with centralised provisioning etc - just this one I can't "deprogram".

Seems from the manual and many forum posts that holding the OK button down for 10s should give me a factory reset prompt. It doesn't - press the button and the status page comes up, but nothing changes after 10s.

Downloaded the document at, downloaded the recovery package, and followed the instructions to "long press the Speaker button as soon as you power on the phone" which I assume means press and hold the button with a speaker symbol on it. Tried all combinations of press and hold, press and hold for a while then release, press before powering on and shortly after powering on. Nothing happens - I suspect the firmware is too old, the status page says it's got while the doc says it needs min x.41.x.x.

So apart from introducing it to the business end of Mr Hammer Big Grin, is there any other way to deal with it ?