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Upgrading T28P v2.61.13.22 to failing - NeefRoel - 02-01-2013 11:52 PM


I'm trying to upgrade a recently purchased T28P phone to the latest firmware (, but this seems to fail.
The currently installed firmware is:

I've tried different methods;
- tftp
- via webgui on the phone directly

Both times the phone reboots and boots up with the already installed firmware.

any ideas on how I can upgrade the phone?

RE: Upgrading T28P v2.61.13.22 to failing - sebastian - 02-08-2013 07:39 PM

I have got the same issue here with the same phone.
Upgrade with the webinterface.
Select the firmware.
Push upgrade.
Phone reboots.
Has still the old firmware.

RE: Upgrading T28P v2.61.13.22 to failing - NeefRoel - 02-08-2013 11:54 PM

I've also sent an email to a Dutch support group for this. And the way I understand is that there's a different firmware-branch for us in the NL. With specific Dutch features (which the US isn't using), and Dutch menu's. Because of that the firmware is 'protected' to be only updateable by firmware from the same source (e.g. the Dutch Version).

I've asked them about the v70 version, but it's still in testing. The are running some pilot tests on their redistributors, but it's not yet in public release.

RE: Upgrading T28P v2.61.13.22 to failing - CanalCompany - 10-15-2013 02:53 PM

I can confirm this problem. Our initial batch did not have this problem. We received another batch that was loaded with this firmware and was also presenting it self as a tiptel phone. We found that all phones with upgrade path to https://*tiptel*/yealink are affected.
We instructed the end user to return the phones for " real yealink " phones. As with the firmware lock we have issues with provisioning.


RE: Upgrading T28P v2.61.13.22 to failing - psichel - 10-15-2013 10:04 PM

The phone will not upgrade its firmware unless you have entered your login credentials recently (as a security precaution). I can't say if this applies in your case, but it did for me.

RE: Upgrading T28P v2.61.13.22 to failing - Barnabas - 10-23-2013 08:27 AM

I had same problem. Here is what fixed my problem.

Tech support investigated the problem based on a set of test files I sent them. I was informed that when the "Only Accept Trusted Certificates" is set to "Enabled", which is set by default, (see under Security tab, Trusted Certificates), the phone can not properly authenticate with the HTTPS server if it doesn't find a proper .crt certificate.

I too, have our servers set with HTTPS service for obvious security reasons.

Knowing that fact, I set the autoprovisioning link initially to an HTTP server where the phone can download the general configuration file, which includes the following lines:

#Enable or disable the phone to only accept the certificates in the Trusted Certificates list;
#0-Disabled, 1-Enabled (default);
security.trust_certificates = 0

This sets the security checking to "Disabled". I also set the autoprovisioning link in the general configuration file on the HTTP server to point to my HTTPS server. After initial download from HTTP server, the phone goes to HTTTPS server to download its MAC-configuation file, etc.

Now everything works. I hope that helps.