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BLF and unregistered extensions - WBryington - 07-12-2014 07:17 PM

I am busy setting up BLF for a number of extensions on a EXP39 connection to a T28 phone. This is working well - I can see the extensions going busy or ringing etc. Smile

I have a problem when a phone is not registered (or turned off). Confused
The LED is still showing as green (ie. idle).

I have reviewed the auto-provision guide at Yealink Autoprovision Guide at the LED settings on page 220... but none of the options actually match my requirement.

Is the following setup possible?

- Solid green: The monitored user is idle.
- Fast flashing green (200ms): The monitored user receives an incoming call.
Slow flashing green (500ms): The monitored user is dialing, talking or on hold.
- Slow flashing green (1s): The call is parked against the monitored user’s phone number.
Off: The monitored user does not exist or is not registered

I am on v2.72.0.30 firmware on the phone.

RE: BLF and unregistered extensions - WBryington - 07-28-2014 08:26 PM

No feedback at all?
I presume this is not supported on Yealink (but is on some other brands that I have tested).

RE: BLF and unregistered extensions - ITinvestor - 09-22-2014 10:40 PM

I don't Know if this will help you. I had to go thorough 3cx for help with this. What I needed to do was have a ghost ext. (unregistered) ring on the main receptionist phone that was being used as a forward for a DID. Ill post the steps, let me know if it helps. Yealink phones do not have the ability to do it. It must be programmed through the PBX.

This is for 3CX, but the steps should basically be the same considering all companies take from each other.

In the 3CX Management Console:
1) Navigate to the "Extensions" node.
2) Press "Add Extension".
3) In the "General" tab fill in:
- Extension Number: 501 (can be anything but I suggest a number outside the other extension range)
- First Name: 1st DID (or some thing to identify that this will be the 1st DID)
- Mobile Number: the extension number of the secretary's phone (Important!)
4) In the "Voice Mail" tab:
- PIN Number: change and/or make a note of this number. It will be used to be able to access the VM.
5) In the "Forwarding Rules" -> "Available":
- "if the call is not answered within" field: how many seconds an incoming call will ring the receptionists extension before going to the VM. IMPORTANT! This number must be smaller than the equivalent number in the receptionists extension settings.
- set "No Answer: Send call to my Voice Mail"
- set "Phone is Busy: Send call to my Voice Mail"
- Check option "Ring my extension and my mobile at the same time" (IMPORTANT).
6) Press "OK" to create this extension, extension 501 in this case.
7) Navigate to the 1st DID and set it to router the calls to the newly created extension as shown in the screenshot (501 in this example).
8) Press "OK".
9) Go back to the "Extensions" node.
10) Locate and double-click the receptionists extension.
11) Go to "Forwarding Rules" -> "Available" tab and check option "I want ot be able to accept more than 1 call at the same time - uses Phone Status". As noted above, make sure the "if the call is not answered within" in the receptionists extension settings is bigger than the equivalent number in the newly created extension settings.(IMPORTANT)
12) Press "OK".

Repeat steps 1-8 for each DID you want to have its own Voice Mail, of course changing the Extension Number (e.g. 502, 503, etc) and the DID in step 7.

Now any calls coming in to a DID will ring on the receptionists extension for the set amount of seconds and if not answered will go their corresponding DID. To hear the Voice Mails of one of these extensions, dial from any other extension the Voice Mail extension and press #<DID extension number>#<DID extension PIN>#. Example: #501#<PIN>#