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T38G call back not work - tlc - 07-11-2014 09:33 PM


hi have one Yealink T38G

Firmware Version
Hardware Version

when a user calls and the operator (operator1 with T38G) responds, if the operator1 transfers the call to another operator (operator2 with yealink T22P), if the operator2 is busy the call back to the operator1.

The call back is so fast that arrives while the operator1 closes the handset and the user hears a busy tone.Huh

If the tour is reversed, from T22P to T38G, everything is ok, the T22P continues to ring and the operator is able to resume the call return.
Please help, thanks

RE: T38G call back not work - Wilson_Yealink - 09-01-2014 08:40 PM

Hi tlc,

Please try below steps:
1.Enable the call waiting feature of T22P. Access to phone menu->features->call waiting. Set the value to enabled.
2.Reset the T22P to the factory and try again. Access to phone menu->settings->Advanced settings->Reset&Reboot. You can do it in this sub menu.
3.If the issue still exist, please exchange the accounts between the T22P and T38G and try again.