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Smarty Template Engine - Coredial_Support - 01-29-2013 09:48 AM

Is anyone using Smarty Template Engine to Dynamically assign Line Key functions instead of Statically assigning? Examples are.
line1_name: “x301”
line1_authname: “sip301_abc”
line1_password: “ZAq1XSw2@#”
line1_shortname: “x301”
line1_displayname: “John Smith”

{assign var="position" value=1}
{foreach item=line_key key=id from=$line_key_list}
{if $line_key.line_key_type == 1}
line{$position}_name: "{$line_key.key_label}"
line{$position}_authname: "{$line_key.sip_username}"
line{$position}_password: "{$line_key.sip_password}"
line{$position}_shortname: "{$line_key.key_label}"
line{$position}_displayname: "{$line_key.extension_name}"
{assign var="position" value=$position+1}

I am trying to come up with a template for the T2XP series. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

RE: Smarty Template Engine - Yealink Support - 02-26-2013 09:46 AM

Sorry currently we don't support Dynamically assign Line Key, you should assign it statically, from webpage, or via auto provisioning.