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Turn Off MWI sign - Matthias. - 08-04-2016 09:45 PM


i've turned MWI subscription and it works fine so far.

If someone leaves a message the phone beeps an den voicemail sign turns

Here ist the sip notify for turning the MWI

(6080) 16/08/04 13:26:02 - INFO:    --> :mwi --client_id=19735 --msg_num=1 --method="sipnotify" --on_string="" --off_string="" --extension="9906" --ctrl_user_number=""

Now if i read the message our voice server sends a sip notify for turning off the MWI.

(6080) 16/08/04 13:27:13 - INFO:    --> :mwi --client_id=19744 --msg_num=0 --method="sipnotify" --on_string="" --off_string="" --extension="9906" --ctrl_user_number=""

But the voicemail sign leaves on. Is there a switch or string needed to turn off the sign?