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OpenVPN in T27P - arcsistemes - 07-12-2016 06:05 PM


I can't establish the vpn client into the t27p, my vpn server is a untangle firewall that is working perfectly.

I can't see data about vpn connection in syslog. And now I don't know what I have to do.

There is anyway to connect by telnet or ssh to the phone to see what it's happenning ? or anyone can help me.

Versión de firmware
Versión de hardware

Thx in advanced

RE: OpenVPN in T27P - Klaus_Yealink - 07-13-2016 04:50 PM


Firstly,Yealink phone only support Open VPN,so please make sure your server is Open VPN server.

secondly,I suggest you can refer to the below guide and contact your IT guys help you set up this feature.

finally,if you still can not set up vpn feature,please send the .tar file and server.ovpn file to,then I will check that.