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Jabra 9460 + t46G and t21P - AntonP - 05-26-2014 08:42 AM

Greetings everyone.

Recently we aquired some t46gs and t21ps for use.

We also aquired some Jabra 9460 headsets for use with these phones.

Now based on my reading (including this thread ) I understand that the T46G requires the EHS36 Module, I just wish to confirm this is correct before ordering a set of them.

Additionly we want to see if we can get similar functionality with the t21p.

Without an EHS module on the t21p we can get audio but no call control, I am uncertain if call control is possible and Ideally would like to get that.

What has thrown me a bit is I have a 20year old Nortel phone on my desk(we are transitioning from old to new) that has call control via connecting the headset via an rj11 cable.


Does a t46G need an EHS36 to work with a Jabra 9460?

Is call control for cordless headsets possible with the t21p, if so what is needed to get it working?


RE: Jabra 9460 + t46G and t21P - Yealink Support - 05-30-2014 01:42 PM

Hi AntonP´╝î

1. We don't test Jabra 9460 with EHS36 yet. I think you can test one first.
2. Sorry, T21 doesn't support EHS36 yet.

RE: Jabra 9460 + t46G and t21P - AntonP - 06-26-2014 10:52 AM

Thanks yes I have confirmed the Jabra 9460 works with the EHS module on the t41 and t46 and it is required.

RE: Jabra 9460 + t46G and t21P - Yealink Support - 06-26-2014 04:25 PM

Thank you for your reply. It is very meaningful to us.