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Softkey customisation - Frank Drews - 07-07-2016 05:25 PM


I want to customise the softkey during transfer. Somehow I am not getting the reuslt I expect, I guess I am making some mistake:
I added the
custom_softkey_talking.url =
pointing to the file Talking.xml accesscible on my provisioning server

I used the template provided and did some changes in Pretrans mode:

<Key Type="Empty"/>
<Key Type="Directory"/>
<Key Type="Switch"/>
<Key Type="Transfer"/>
#DITF change enabled Send, disabled Transfer
<Key Type="Send"/>
<Key Type="IME"/>
<Key Type="Delete"/>
<Key Type="Cancel"/>
<Key Type="Transfer"/>
<Key Type="IME"/>
<Key Type="Delete"/>
<Key Type="Cancel"/>

I reprovisiond the phone, but there seem to be no changes on the phone.

Any ideas?

Best regards Frank

RE: Softkey customisation - Frank Drews - 07-07-2016 07:18 PM

I want to do this via provisioning:

Look at the attachment

Okay, it is working now. Just fine. I don't now what the issue was before. Maybe some caching in the webserver.

RE: Softkey customisation - Bahntechnik - 07-08-2016 02:15 PM

Maybe you need to remove the comment (#DITF change enabled Send, disabled Transfer). Maybe the phone don't like this comment.