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3CX Cloud 12, Yealink T46g, and Audio Problems - millennium - 05-20-2014 08:38 AM

3CX Cloud 12 - with Service Pack 5- 35528.640

Yealink T46g
Firmware Version
Hardware Version
Internet at Remote Extensions: Time Warner Cable Wideband, 35 down/5 up

We setup remote tenants with 3CX 12 Cloud edition, with Yealink T46g as remote extensions/phones.

TENANT 1 (an office) has reported no issues with audio quality and loves the system.

TENANT 2 (a restaurant) has reported random audio loss during phone calls.

We check the Jitter Buffer settings, and they were set to the following

Type: Adaptive
Min Delay: 0
Max Delay: 300
Normal: 123

I found a forum thread, where it explained to edit the Jitter Buffer settings, so we set it to the following:

Type: Fixed
Min Delay: 120
Max Delay: 120
Normal: 120

This improved audio loss a great deal, but still, there have been complaints about a few seconds audio loss during conversations.

I am puzzeled as to why Tenant 2 is having problems, when Tenant 1 is not.

FYI, we have a Sonicwall at Tenant 2, and have enabled bandwidth management to give the phones the highest priority from LAN to WAN.

Are there any further settings we should look for to troubleshoot.

RE: 3CX Cloud 12, Yealink T46g, and Audio Problems - CWR - 05-20-2014 10:12 AM

Are there any high response times when pinging the server from the restaurant?
Could it be an issue with the provider?

RE: 3CX Cloud 12, Yealink T46g, and Audio Problems - nicknomo - 05-22-2014 09:28 AM

The direction of the audio loss tells a lot about where the problem is. Is it incoming our outgoing audio? Outgoing audio loss would mean that traffic from you isn't reaching its destination (or is getting there way too late). Incoming audio loss would mean the audio isn't getting to you in a timely manner (or at all).

Outgoing audio loss is easier to control. You can prioritize the packets on your own network so that voice gets first dibs. Usually this is done with DSCP on the internal network, or with 802.1p and vlans (usually with DSCP conversion for layer 3 devices).

Incoming audio issues are often out of your control. An internet connection with inconsistent latency and/or loss from your provider can cause many problems for VoIP. Your firewall can also cause problems through UDP timeout issues or NAT issues.

RE: 3CX Cloud 12, Yealink T46g, and Audio Problems - Yealink Support - 05-26-2014 05:20 PM

When you want to change the value of Jitter Buffer, please notice below two points. If not, it may reduce no audio issue.
(1) Max Delay should not be the same as the Normal Delay
(2) Max Delay and Normal Delay can’t be set as 0.

But the specific parameter should be considered with network environment, server and etc.

Hope above information can help you.