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Encryption method changed for T42G ( - nuno.centeio - 05-19-2014 10:45 PM


I'm the developer of a PBX service that is able to generate provision files for Yealink phones.

Our product does not use Common files. All provision files are MAC specific.
We normally cypher the MAC.cfg using a configurable AES key.

With the new firmware of T42G seems that I need to have that AES Key in a file named MAC_Security.enc.
Can you tell me what is the content of the file?

Currently, I’m just writing the AES key and then I cypher the file with that same AES key. In the phone provision setting, I set the AES key on the “MAC-Oriented AES Key” and cleared the “Common AES Key”.

However, the phone gives me a decrypt error.

Can someone point me on the right direction?


RE: Encryption method changed for T42G ( - VOIP - 01-14-2015 06:26 AM

Here is the info,
Unfortunately its not automated.