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Remote Phone Book Update - SharEng - 06-18-2016 02:04 AM

We have an xml remote phonebook. Can this update itself without having to hit "update" or any other buttons.
The receptionist is, from time to time, updating the xml file when changes occur. We would like this update to roll out to the phones automatically.

When I read the manual it said that every time you click the phone book it grabs the new file, but it does not. I have to hit the update button for the changes to show.

We are using the T42s
Thank you for any information

RE: Remote Phone Book Update - CWR - 06-18-2016 06:12 AM

I do not have a T42 - but the T46 (and others if I recall) have a field called "Update Time Interval(Seconds)". Set this to like 600 for every 10 minutes. or 3600 for every hour, etc.

RE: Remote Phone Book Update - jmoore - 08-04-2016 06:35 PM


You can check out Tenfold for this feature. Tenfold offers seamless integration for Yealink and most CRM applications available. They have features such as click to dial, automatic call logging, easy note taking and task creation, screen pops on inbound and outbound calls, new lead/contact creation when no matching records, support for cases/opportunities and advanced analytics on the backend.

RE: Remote Phone Book Update - Fraukas2 - 06-19-2017 05:22 PM


Autoprovision command is:
features.remote_phonebook.flash_time =

Numbers in seconds are between 3600 and 1296000

RE: Remote Phone Book Update - Phonism - 06-20-2017 09:34 AM

From the v81 Admin Guide

Provision the parameter: features.remote_phonebook.enter_update_enable

Quote:"It enables or disables the IP phone to refresh the local cache of the remote phone book at a time when accessing the remote phone book.



This should work for you!